96sqft Camping Deck

Bare 8x12ft deck to create a level surface for a single-person camp. To get a sense of scale and use, adding in some home from other Montheim designs like the rocket stove and dry toilet, along with room for a foam mattress.

8x12ft frame with 5gal bucket and 2x6ft foam single mattress pad for scale
Side view of deck frame and concrete blocks

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Small Hexayurt Outhouse

Simple Hexayurt design made out of 4x8ft insulation panels. The floor plan makes for a spacious bathroom with a generous amount of space inside. Could be reinforced to use as a long-term temporary outhouse.

Hexayurt outhouse exterior view
Outhouse interior with toilet and vanity for scale


Urine Diverting Dry Composting Toilets

In my research I found that urine on its own is generally sanitary, and a great fertilizer when diluted. Solid human waste requires more careful handling to ensure harmful bacteria are discouraged; by keeping it dry, odors are mitigated. Dry toilets and composting toilets are managed differently but both start with a toilet. The smallest designs use buckets and a special toilet bowl.

Simple urine diverting toilet mechanism

PDF Library

Urine Diverting Toilets: Principles, Operation and Construction

Urine Diverting Toilets – Composting Toilets

Construction of Urine Diverting Toilets

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