Chart of average temperature and precipitation over time
Table of average yearly temperature, rain, and snow

Site Character 

The land is on a slope, generally steep heavily forested but flatter and open in a few places. Rocks are exposed all over the place, due to natural and human influences. Most of the trees are mature growth and seem healthy and sturdy. East to west runs a scar from previous development, with younger trees and big rocks. North-south there’s an informal or historic trail crossing the center of the property.

The largest most promising open area for building

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96sqft Cabin Frame

Revising earlier 8x12ft cabin design after gaining a new understanding of framing techniques. Feeling my way through building using virtual materials built to match designs found in research.

Rough building foundation and frame complete
Setting up 8x12ft cabin pole frame with 2×6 and 6×6 lumber standing on 8x8x16 concrete block foundation.

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These are some examples of simple buildings. Often used for storage, livestock, and work spaces. The shed, lean-to, monopitch style of roof has the appeal of reducing material cost and labor required to put up a structure. I like this aesthetic for the mountain.

8x12ft lean-to shed frame design

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