96sqft Cabin Frame

Revising earlier 8x12ft cabin design after gaining a new understanding of framing techniques. Feeling my way through building using virtual materials built to match designs found in research.

Rough building foundation and frame complete
Setting up 8x12ft cabin pole frame with 2×6 and 6×6 lumber standing on 8x8x16 concrete block foundation.

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96sqft Camping Deck

Bare 8x12ft deck to create a level surface for a single-person camp. To get a sense of scale and use, adding in some home from other Montheim designs like the rocket stove and dry toilet, along with room for a foam mattress.

8x12ft frame with 5gal bucket and 2x6ft foam single mattress pad for scale
Side view of deck frame and concrete blocks

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Small Hexayurt Outhouse

Simple Hexayurt design made out of 4x8ft insulation panels. The floor plan makes for a spacious bathroom with a generous amount of space inside. Could be reinforced to use as a long-term temporary outhouse.

Hexayurt outhouse exterior view
Outhouse interior with toilet and vanity for scale


Treehouse Platform Concept

Early concept for a 24ft octagonal platform suspended between two poles, made with tube metal and webbing with a 6 inch deep wood deck.

frame of 24ft octagonal platform from below
24ft octagonal platform seen from above