This site aims to document and represent the Mountain Home Sanctuary project. Or Montheim, for short. The project is to build a house that will provide accommodations for 4-8 people during the summer. The sanctuary land consists of a little under 2 acres of forest in the Colorado mountains.


Here I pull together updates containing notes and results of work from construction, including:

  • Renders of designs created during planning
  • Library of books and presentations for reading and learning
  • Research and inspiration catalog of reference images found online

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Who benefits?

Montheim is an art project made to support artists.

Artists are my friends, and when I talk about spending time in the woods, I see them get inspired. Having a place to contemplate and create? Every artist’s dream. I intend to make that dream a reality in a way that I can share with you.

Autumn sun in the trees on the mountain

2017 Plan

Summer Construction Challenges

Building goals to be met by winter 2017, so some facilities are ready for 2018 visitors:

  • Base or shelter; be it a deck for tents, a shed, a Tiny House, a container, a tree house, or any other creative solution
  • Sanitation; system in place to handle human waste
  • Water; storage and collection, filtration, purification

First Season Limitations

  • Water has to be trucked in until another source is built
  • Only limited solar for electricity is available for now
  • Current use is restricted to pack-in-pack-out leave-no-trace camping


First Year

  • Started project in November 2016
  • Closed for winter 2016-17
  • Research and planning early 2017
  • Surveying spring 2017
  • Construction through summer 2017


  • Open to visitors by 2018
  • Debt-free operation by 2022