The Home Project

Building a year-round sanctuary habitat for artists.

The Home Project

Building a year-round sanctuary habitat for artists.

First location: Mountain Home in Colorado. Under construction with support on Patreon.

Home: places to go and sit in safety, where your your basic needs for shelter will be met. Water and sanitation, off-the-grid electricity and services. Creating with communities while supporting renewable utilities and services. We share in the land and commit to mutual respect to benefit the earth and each other.

We start small. Essentials. Each step builds on the last. First we bring fire, then a dry place to sleep, waste management, clean water. Foundation, walls, roof. Heat, provisions for cooking, cleaning. Everything else can come later.

More homes in the future? Grass Home, Desert Home, Sea Home. Four Homes. Places representing earth, air, fire, water; primary colors; points on a map; divine geometry; space for contemplation. Places of pilgrimage.

We assert that each and every living being has a right to live and thrive and die free from the influence of any other beings. Insofar as any matter demonstrates self-interest, it is a living being. The land and sky and all its fruits and labors belong to no one being: these belong to all beings.

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